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The Excellencors was established with its first office in Amman, Jordan, in early 2006, and then expanded its operations by moving its head office to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2008. Focused on providing training and diversified consultation services in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Region, Excellencor’s experience is built on the highly diversified skills of its management, consultants, and advisors, spanning into many academic and technical sectors.


In addition, our expertise in Executive Excellence Programs for both the government and private sectors has been demonstrated by the number of projects the company has taken on and executed in the past 16 years.


Excellencors capitalizes on its wide and extensive network, which includes a distinguished team of highly qualified and talented senior associates covering a wide range of expertise in diversified areas of business domains, in addition to enhancing its foundation with its strategic partnerships with well-established regional and international consulting firms, among them The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), The Global Innovation Institute (GInI), Software AG, and many other strategic partners.


We are committed to be and remain among the most reliable consulting and training firms in the arab world.

With continued strive to become the trusted partner for governmental and private sector organizations along their continued journey towards achieving sustainable excellence.


Excellencors is a consulting and training firm focusing on assisting its clients from both governmental and private business institutions in the arab world.

To achieve Sustainable Organizational Excellence by developing integrated management systems that enhance and accelerate their transformation to a culture of continuous improvement, through the collective contribution of highly talented team of experts equipped with updated knowledge, accumulated experiences and commitment to highest standards of professionalism.

Excellencors Core Values


In the race for Excellence
there is no finish line


Long Term Partnerships with
Clients and Alliances


Continuous Learning
and Innovation


Institutional Transformation
Maintaining Cultural Values


Results Oriented and
Value Adding


Improving of Clients
Performance Measures


Success Sharing
with Partners


Capitalizing Great Potential
of Client’s Leadership

A prominent level of experience across the business

Dr. Jafar Hdaib is a businessperson and entrepreneur distinguished by his diverse experience in business enterprise and management for over a decade, and currently chairs the Board of Directors of Excellencors, a pioneering consulting and training firm in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Region.

Capitalizing on his skills, knowledge, and progressive management approach, Dr. Jafar was able to play an instrumental role in establishing and empowering government institutions operating in complicated contexts, leading them to the forefront regionally and globally. Parallel to his institutional experience, Dr. Jafar positioned himself as a well-known investor with a reliable reputation, focusing on fundamentals, quality of management, and business innovation.

His career path has enabled him to acquire substantial experience in financial management, strategic planning, good judgment, and problem-solving with a quick adaptation of new approaches, technologies while working in manifold, and diverse business environments. 

Dr. Jafar also has a passion for learning, with an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, a Master of Industrial Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Dr. Jafar Hdaib

A high level of excellence in transformation

Mr. Fuad Hadidi has over 16 years of experience in Organizational Development and Excellence Transformation. He is also an experienced professional Consulting Manager, Trainer and Assessor with success records in UAE and the region in the domains of:


Applying Excellence Models, Managing Excellence Awards, Service Excellence, Strategic Planning and Performance Management, Knowledge Management, Innovation Management, HR Management, Business Processes Re-engineering, Quality systems and Business Intelligence Platforms development.


Fuad holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Information System (CIS) and Micro Masters in Business Administration.

Mr. Fuad Hadidi

Vice Chairman, Partner

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