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The Excellencors established with its first office in Amman – Jordan in early 2006, and then expanded its operations by moving to its Head Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2008. To provide its training and Consultation services in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab region, and with this recent relatively breakthrough however, the company’s career history is a natural extension of the long career of its founder and chairman (Dr. Abdel Rahim Jallad) and the company’s CEO (Mr. Fuad Hadidi) and its partners in work and work experience varied and accumulated in each of the academic sectors, training and consulting in addition to expertise management Executive Excellence Programs in each of the government and private sector.


The Excellencors capitalizes on its wide and extensive network, which includes a distinguished team of highly qualified and talented senior associates covering a wide range of expertise in diversified areas of interest, in addition to enhancing its foundation with its strategic partnerships with well established regional and international consulting firms, among them The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), Global Innovation Institute (GInI), Software AG, and many other strategic partners.


We are committed to be and remain among the most reliable consulting and training firms in the arab world.

With continued strive to become the trusted partner for governmental and private sector organizations along their continued journey towards achieving sustainable excellence.


Excellencors is a consulting and training firm focusing on assisting its clients from both governmental and private business institutions in the arab world.

To achieve Sustainable Organizational Excellence by developing integrated management systems that enhance and accelerate their transformation to a culture of continuous improvement, through the collective contribution of highly talented team of experts equipped with updated knowledge, accumulated experiences and commitment to highest standards of professionalism.

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Success Sharing
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Capitalizing Great Potential
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